“Peerfocus has provided reliable, cutting-edge technology, with great custom-designed features for AGB's Benchmarking Service.

Moreover, the staff are professional, creative, and collaborative - improving our ideas, research, surveys, reports, and service delivery. I couldn't ask for more and have been delighted to find new ways to use Peerfocus.”
Merrill Schwartz, PhD
Director of Special Projects
Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges

Peerfocus makes Member Research fast, easy, and effective

Traditional member surveying and benchmarking methods are time consuming and limited in scope. Paper or email surveys are sent to members, data is analyzed and a final hard copy report is sent to members; one size fits all.

With the innovative Peerfocus web engine, you can move your surveying methods online and allow your members to build their own custom benchmarking reports in real time. Each member gets tailored reports, on demand.

Are your surveying methods taking advantage of the strengths of technology?

The Peerfocus service creates and maintains a client-branded web site that delivers complex surveys and a range of data analysis tools to the client's members in a secure environment. For the association interested in moving its member research program to the Web or in developing a new research (survey) program, Peerfocus offers an extremely powerful, complete, and cost-effective solution.

How cost effective is Peerfocus?

Very. With Peerfocus integrated into your web site, you'll be able to offer customized reports as a premium service to your members. You can charge enough to cover the costs of using Peerfocus or even create new revenue streams for your association. You'll be able to offer your members cutting edge benchmarking tools and streamline your own reporting process too. Peerfocus clients see costs go down, while service to members goes up.

What other benefits are there to using Peerfocus?