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Chief Technology Officer
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David R. Morgan is a co-founder and former president of Peerfocus. His background is in organizational behavior, survey research, and the design of information systems. From 1989 to 2001, David was Vice President of the Council for Aid to Education, a subsidiary of RAND. He was responsible for the annual Voluntary Support of Education Survey Program, the Corporate Support of Education Survey Program, and CAE‘s Web and information systems. Prior to CAE, David worked as a Human Resources Planning and Research Officer at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York. Among other projects, he developed their first computer-based senior management succession planning system. He was for many years a member of the Advisory Council on Methodology for Giving USA, the annual report on philanthropy published by the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel Trust for Philanthropy. He has served on an NSF Advisory Panel on Nonprofit Research & Development Activities. David has a BA from Bowdoin College, 1973, an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Western Kentucky University, 1979, and has completed all work but the dissertation for a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Yale University.

Steven S. Shapiro is a co-founder of Peerfocus and former Administrative and Financial Director. Steve has an extensive background in computer training and consulting for many Fortune 500 companies, including a number of major Wall Street investment firms. From 1984 until 1988, he was the Director of Marketing and Sales at SysEd, Inc. a training and consulting company in New York. Steve is a co-founder of Comvision and PC Learn (a subsidiary that provides computer training and computer training facilities in New York). He manages client relations and marketing for Comvision and is the President of PC Learn. He has a BA Degree in History from Lehigh University, 1984.

Tod L. Shapiro is a co-founder of Peerfocus and former legal counsel. He is also the chief technologist for Comvision, specializing in systems integration, relational databases and Internet application development. Tod has extensive experience in personal computer systems and their applications, particularly in relation to the Internet. While a tax attorney with Ernst and Whinney from 1985-1987, he developed PC technology for use in financial analysis and tax preparation at a period when such functions were performed on legacy mainframes. Tod has since applied his experience to generalized systems, consulting, computer training and Internet applications. Tod is a co-founder of PC Learn and Comvision. He has a BA Degree in English from Cornell University, an MBA from Boston University School of Management 1985, and a JD Degree from Boston University School of Law 1985.