About the Company

The Peerfocus team has conceived, designed, developed,and deployed the Peerfocus Web system and its precursors over a period of fourteen years for a variety of large clients. Peerfocus is committed to the ongoing development of the system for its original purpose and to its extension into new areas where its technology can provide added value at lower cost.

When you sign up with Peerfocus, you get more than a state-of-the-art system; you get the benefit of the Peerfocus team’s many years of experience helping clients implement and operate sophisticated survey/benchmarking web sites.

Peerfocus is a limited liability corporation incorporated in the State of Connecticut and operating out of offices in Connecticut and New York City. Through overlapping ownership arrangements, Peerfocus has a close working relationship with Singlebrook Technology, Inc., a New York-based Web application development and services firm, and with PC Learn, Inc., a Comvision subsidiary specializing in computer training, consulting, and providing training and corporate event facilities in New York City.

Peerfocus, LLC
71 West 23rd Street
Suite 901
New York, NY 10010